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Evolution Pillow by Cabeau

Posted by on Mar, 2015 in Tools & Gear, Where

  What it is: The Evolution Pillow is a neck pillow made from memory foam and marketed as a compact, easy to store, comfortable pillow for use while flying. Why you would care: Sleep is important, especially...

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A view from schooner Nathaniel Bowditch, Penobscot Bay, Maine

Posted by on Mar, 2015 in Ocean, Picture Perfect, US & Canada

Vintage schooners spend the morning quietly preparing for the Maine Windjammers Association’s Great Schooner Race. Held each July off the rugged coast of Maine, the race is a sight to behold with gallant...

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Viamede Resort, Peterborough and the Kawarthas, Ontario, Canada

Posted by on Mar, 2015 in Adventure, Picture Perfect, US & Canada

Violet and navy hues paint a spectacular sunset of the Viamede Resort pier on...

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Inn at Laurel Point hosts guests with grace

Posted by on Mar, 2015 in Hotels & Resorts, US & Canada

Where can you get picturesque island charm with moderate year-round climates...

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San Diego Celebrates Craft Beer

Posted by on Mar, 2015 in Events, Food, Drink, Bars & Nightlife, US & Canada

  With a casual, relaxed atmosphere and locals who take good beer...

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Puerto Vallarta stone sculptor enthralls

Posted by on Mar, 2015 in Latin America, Picture Perfect

A performance artist thrills onlookers by balancing large stones on the beach...

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Seoul’s Gyeongbokgung Palace

Posted by on Dec, 2014 in Asia, Picture Perfect, Sights

Traditional buildings show off their bright colors in the Gyeongbokgung Palace...

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Fly like Superman in the Caribbean

Posted by on Dec, 2014 in Adventure, Caribbean

Puerto Rico is one of my top choices for a vagaytion. This tropical island has...

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Seoul, Korea in 24 hours

Posted by on Dec, 2014 in Asia, Ideal Itinerary

If you’ve never been to Korea, you should be prepared for surprises when...

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Okinawa, Japan in 7 days

Posted by on Dec, 2014 in Asia, Ideal Itinerary

While visitors to Japan may be overwhelmed by the hectic pace of life of the...

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