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Tranquil waters, Penobscot Bay, Maine

Posted by on Aug, 2014 in Adventure, Ocean, Picture Perfect, US & Canada

A mirror of water creates the perfect tableau for schooners in tranquil Penoscot Bay . The Maine Windjammer Association’s fleet of 9 schooners sail the rugged Maine coast during the warmer months, where...

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Blow $100 in 20 minutes and leave Montreal smiling

Posted by on Aug, 2014 in Food, Drink, Bars & Nightlife, US & Canada

Strippers…that’s right you heard me, strippers. I’ve always loved Montreal. What’s not to love? The food is to die for, the French speakers much nicer than those you find in Paris, the...

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Caribbean vista, St, Kitts

Posted by on Aug, 2014 in Caribbean, Picture Perfect, Sights

Views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea can be found on several...

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Inn at Laurel Point hosts guests with grace

Posted by on Aug, 2014 in Hotels & Resorts, US & Canada

Where can you get picturesque island charm with moderate year-round climates...

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Hellenistic theatre, Hierapolis, Turkey

Posted by on Aug, 2014 in Africa & MidEast, Picture Perfect, Sights

This well preserved theatre, built in 200BC, could originally hold 20,000...

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Top 5 Maui activities

Posted by on Aug, 2014 in Lists, US & Canada

5. Tedeschi Wineries: Located up country, this winery is tucked away on the...

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Dopp kit memoirs

Posted by on Jul, 2014 in Tools & Gear, Where

I do it; we all do it. While waiting to catch a flight, I’ll pull out...

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Caribbean fruit seller, Cartagena Columbia

Posted by on Jul, 2014 in Culture, Latin America, Picture Perfect

  Dressed in her most colorful outfit, a local fruit-seller in Cartagena,...

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Thailand: land of smiling elephants (sponsored)

Posted by on Jul, 2014 in Adventure, Asia, Thailand GayCation

***PAID ADVERTISEMENT*** Prepare yourself for a unique experience in Thailand...

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Thailand’s culinary delights (sponsored)

Posted by on Jul, 2014 in Asia, Culinary Experiences, Thailand GayCation

***PAID ADVERTISEMENT*** Thailand is labeled “paradise” not only for its...

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