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Thailand: land of smiling elephants (sponsored) - GTH
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Thailand: land of smiling elephants (sponsored)


Photo courtesy: Tourism Authority of Thailand

Photo courtesy: Tourism Authority of Thailand

Prepare yourself for a unique experience in Thailand with elephants, the world’s largest land animal. This experience not only includes learning about elephants, but also touching, feeling, feeding, walking trunk-in-hand, and even riding these magnificent creatures.

Thai elephants are held in the highest esteem by the people of Thailand, having served loyally alongside past kings in the protection of the nation’s freedom. The animals stand tall, both in terms of physical stature and dignity.

Apart from their socially-prestigious status and their bravery displayed in battle, Thai elephants have been an integral part of the Thai way of life for centuries, serving as a means of transport and as workers in the timber industry. They have traditionally been nurtured as a part of the family and a strong, unique relationship has been developed between animals and humans as they live communally.

Photo courtesy: Tourism Authority of Thailand

Photo courtesy: Tourism Authority of Thailand

In contrast to reputations earned due to their large size and fierce fighting qualities, Thai elephants are now respected for more refined and delicate skills; such as, painting and playing musical instruments. Such performances are amazing to watch.

Thai elephants are one of the valuable, natural resources in the Kingdom of Thailand. To spend some time with them, several days or just a few moments, makes one realize their significance to this nation and the powerful impact that they have on the hearts of all who meet them.

Many of Thailand’s elephant sanctuaries, including the Royal Elephant Kraal in Ayutthaya, offer visitors many opportunities to get up close and personal with these majestic creatures. Here are a few of the amazing adventures that you can have with elephants in Thailand.

Ride an elephant to get a glimpse of Thailand’s glorious past: The Royal Elephant Kraal in Ayutthaya takes visitors back to ancient time by following the royal routes once taken by kings and by showing evidence of some of the history of this former capital city. City Pillar, Wat Ket and Phrachao U Thong Monument are a few of the landmarks that illustrate the beauty and prosperity of Ayutthaya in past times.

Photo courtesy: Tourism Authority of Thailand

Photo courtesy: Tourism Authority of Thailand

Learn to be a mahout: Mahout training programs allow visitors to understand the life of the mahout and the unique personality of the elephant. The programs includes various engaging activities such as learning to ride, bathe and feed the elephants correctly, and most importantly, showing them love and affection.

Watch the elephants take a bath: Early evening is the time when herds of elephants wade into Thailand’s lakes and rivers to take a bath and relax after a long day. Visitors enjoy the sight of elephants splashing in the water as the mahouts reward them for their hard work by brushing and bathing them.

***This sponsored article was provided and paid for by Tourism Authority of Thailand***






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