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Balanzza portable scale - GTH
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Balanzza portable scale

The Balanzza digital scale is compact and lightweight. We have used our Balanzza for many years and it still works like new. (c) GTH & Nathan DePetris

What it is
Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale

A portable hand held scale that allows travelers to weigh their luggage in both Standard English pounds and metric kilograms.  This is a very useful item both before the travel and during.

Why you would care
Arriving at the airport only to find that your bag weighs more than allowed is always a buzz kill.  If you’re lucky enough to have more than one bag, you can shuffle items back and forth in hopes that that you have enough room, but you still have to air your laundry in front of strangers.

When it makes sense (or doesn’t)
If you have only one bag you’re often required to pay an additional fee. Being able to weigh your bags accurately before you fly is important, being able to weigh your before your return flight home is often more important. Knowing the weight of that stone carving from Mexico or that heavy rug from Turkey can save you big bucks.

With airlines becoming more aggressive in collecting fees, overweight bag are becoming the target of check in agents and one extra fee pays for the price of this handy gadget. Plus the look on the agents face when you pull out your own scale is worth every penny.

How much it costs

From $17 – on Google Shopping

Where to learn more

Balanzza Website


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