Working hard for the money at Stock Bar. //Wallpaper from

Strippers…that’s right you heard me, strippers.

I’ve always loved Montreal. What’s not to love? The food is to die for, the French speakers much nicer than those you find in Paris, the Black and Blue Party, the Pride festivals are huge, the village is a real treat to stroll through on a summers’ night and then there’s the men.

Maybe it’s the melting pot that is Canada, and especially Montreal. The men are just drop dead gorgeous. Every shape, color, size, any attribute that you find titillating  can be found in Montreal. And when you’re ready to touch, you can do that too.

During my last stay in the city, my husband of 10 years was surprised to hear that I had never ventured into one of several strip clubs that blanket the city. With a mischievous grin on his face he grabbed my hand and directed me to “Stock Bar”, known for its’ young, ripped  lineup which seemed to be filled with men from the local colleges.

Boys put on a show at Stock Bar. //Wallpaper from

A rather large stage dominates the club with the iconic brass pole, a good sized bar on one side and the unique addition of a wet stage on the other. Chairs line the area in front of the stage with a few tables nestled in the back.

Grabbing a couple of drinks, we sat right up front. The stage contained so much wood that any lumberjack would faint. The boys come out and dance, gradually disrobing until the song is over then make room for the next performer. Once offstage, the dancers real job begins.

We were approached several time, to be reminded that “private” dances were available. For the measly sum $20 per song, we could touch anything and everything.

So much wood a lumberjack would blush. //Wallpaper from

After spending $100 and 16 minutes in hard research I have a couple of pieces of advice for visitors to Montreal who choose to partake in this experienc. Count the number of songs as they go by fast, especially if the soundtrack to Grease is playing such as was our case. Also, if you go in as a couple, be clear about the cost; the dancer will expect payment from each set of eyes.

If You Go: