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Cirque du Soleil Worlds Away 3D amazes

Cirque du Soleil's World's Away brings together acts from several of the residence shows in Las Vegas, such as "O". Photo: Veronique Vial courtesy Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil’s Worlds Away brings together acts from several shows, such as “O” and “KA”. Photo: Veronique Vial, courtesy Cirque du Soleil

I’m the first to admit that I have never really grown up. I still like video games, enjoy watching animated movies and get excited about “kiddie” events from the circus to theme parks. This doesn’t mean that my tastes haven’t matured. Sure, I play video games but they’re more cerebral and challenging than the Mario games I played when I was younger. The animated movies now contain adult themes, often rated MLVA rather than G. Circus shows now feature million dollar stages, award winning soundtracks and serve haute hors d’ oeuvres and unique libations at red carpet events rather than serving popcorn and soda pop.

For almost 30 years Cirque du Soleil has been making those circus dreams reality for both real children and for adults like me who have never really fully grown up. Cirque has come a long way from being a small troop of street performer to a worldwide phenomenon with over ten touring shows and almost as many shows in residence at venues across the globe.

Unfortunately some of the risque acts, such as this one from Zumanity, didn't make it into the movie. Photo: Guilano Bekor courtesy Cirque du Soleil

Unfortunately, the more risque acts, such as from Zumanity, didn’t make it into the movie. Photo: Guilano Bekor, courtesy Cirque du Soleil

For most people, their first chance to experience the Cirque du Soleil world is at one of the shows in residence in Las Vegas, yet the number of travelers who can make their way to Sin City for one of these extravaganzas is still a modest portion of Cirque fans in the world.  Luckily Cirque du Soleil has released “Worlds Away”, a truly Cirque tale captured on celluloid in 3D.

GTH doesn’t normally review films. This particular show, however, is so closely tied to the sense of excitement and wonder that travel conveys and gives viewers a glimpse into some of the shows that call Las Vegas home. We felt that we had to share it with our readers, even just briefly.

The movie follows a young woman who has fallen in love with a handsome aerialist at a small circus, and loses him in true Cirque fashion. Her search for her man takes her through a series of otherworldly big tops, each a home to a snippet of a Cirque du Soleil performance. She moves magically from the watery world of “O” to the massive rotating stage of “KA” with its fantasy martial arts and pachinko inspired fights performed on a vertical stage. Audiophiles will enjoy the film’s inclusion of award winning music found in each of these shows, including songs from the recent “Beatles :Love” and “Viva Elvis” Cirque du Soleil shows.

Huge sets and props, such as the Slave Cage from Ka, can be seen up close in Worlds Away. Photo: Tomas Muscionico courtesy Cirque du Soleil

Huge sets and props, like the Slave Cage from Ka, can be seen up close in Worlds Away. Photo: Tomas Muscionico, courtesy Cirque du Soleil

The producers of “Worlds Away” didn’t skimp on the 3D aspect of production either. It’s quite clear that this feature was filmed in 3D from beginning to end, not later processed to create the effect artificially. Scene after scene, the audience is wowed as aerialists suddenly pop into view or as props and costumes come flying at them. “Worlds Away” will have you sitting at the edge of your seat, much in the same way as if you were at a live performance. If this is your first experience seeing Cirque du Soleil, you can expect to leave the theater with a case of Cirque fever, and an overwhelming desire to see more.


Zumanity's water bowl act is given plenty of screen time in Worlds Away. Photo: Laurence Labat courtesy Cirque du Soleil

Zumanity’s water bowl act is given plenty of screen time in Worlds Away. Photo: Laurence Labat courtesy Cirque du Soleil

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