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Evolution Pillow by Cabeau - GTH
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Evolution Pillow by Cabeau


Cabeau Travel's Evolution pillow has a small pocket on the side which fits an iPod or iPhone.© GTH & Nathan DePetris

Cabeau Travel’s Evolution pillow has a small pocket on the side for  iPods or iPhones.© GTH & Nathan DePetris

What it is:

The Evolution Pillow is a neck pillow made from memory foam and marketed as a compact, easy to store, comfortable pillow for use while flying.

Why you would care:

Sleep is important, especially when traveling. It helps to reset out internal clock and allows us to arrive to our destinations refreshed and clear minded .From buckwheat to blow up, hundreds of different styles and brands of pillows are sold to flyers each year, each one touting itself as the ultimate solution to restless sleep while traveling by plane. Unfortunately, many of these pillows are uncomfortable, bulky, and bothersome when traveling.

Enter the Evolution Pillow by Cabeau Travel, which seeks to solve these annoyances by offering a product made from memory foam. The resulting pillow is light, easily compacted, and soft but supportive.


I was never able to squeeze the Evolution Pillow back into its original compact form.© GTH & Nathan DePetris

I was never able to squeeze the Evolution Pillow back into its original compact form.© GTH & Nathan DePetris

When it makes sense (or doesn’t):

I tested the Evolution on long haul flights from Los Angeles to Japan and the east coast to Spain. I found the Evolution Pillow to be a significant improvement on the average “blow up” pillow found online or at airport stores. It’s not perfect, but the Evolution by Cabeau Travel gets very close to hitting the target.

The memory foam is soft and supportive but has some drawbacks. Foam doesn’t breathe, and I found myself uncomfortable after an hour or two of wearing it. On the flight to Narita, the discomfort was noticeable as the cabin was overheated to begin with. I would love to see some sort of “Breeze” technology similar to that used on high end memory foam mattresses to improve airflow and pillow ventilation.

The Evolution Pillow by Cabeau Travel is one pf the best  neck pillows we've found so far.© GTH & Nathan DePetris

The Evolution Pillow by Cabeau Travel is one pf the best neck pillows we’ve found so far.© GTH & Nathan DePetris

Since it’s made of foam, the Evolution Pillow is meant to be rolled up tightly to be easily stored in the included handy carrying satchel. No matter how hard I tried, however, I could never squeeze the pillow back to the petit size that it had come from the manufacturer in. This meant that the Velcro fasteners used on the satchel could never be completely secured; often the tabs would come undone in my back pack causing the pillow to expand. An extra inch of Velcro may be all that’s needed to help keep the pillow in its satchel.

Higher-than-average sides are meant to keep the neck supported while sleeping in an upright position. This also meant that when my head was resting to the side extra tension gets placed on the toggles and straps that attach at the front to keep the pillow securely around the neck. While my straps haven’t separated from the removable pillow case yet, they feel inadequately attached and may wear and separate before too many more uses.

Who it’s for:

Travelers looking for soft support that are willing to put up with the extra warmth created by the foam core will enjoy this pillow. The other smaller issues with the pillow are easily overlooked.

How much it costs:

Cabeau Travel’s website retails the pillow for $34.99 but I have seen it sold for as low as $30.99 online through other online retailers.

Where to learn more:

Cabeau Travel website


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