The Germany National Tourist Board/Deutsche Bahn Christmas market app for iPhone and Android provides travelers with information on 50 markets in 32 German towns. (c) GTH & Nathan DePetris

What it is

German National Tourist Board & Deutsche Bahn Christmas Markets App

Application for the iPhone and Android that that provides information on 50 different Christmas Markets across 32 different German towns.

Why you would care

Traveling through Germany during the holiday season is magical. This app provides you with the history of the market you’re visiting, general German tourist information, a list of events and festivities, maps, and detailed national train schedules to navigate getting there.

When it makes sense (or doesn’t)

This app is a useful tool for finding and learning about German Christmas markets, before and during your trips. While it does contain information on non Holiday tourist activities, it is doubtful that it would be of much use to travelers after the Christmas markets are closed (and may not function afterwards, as some of the information is downloaded rather than locally stored). However, it can also be used as a planning tool to virtually visit some of the markets this year, in anticipation of an actual visit during next year’s season.

I used it to look up information on Christmas markets that I’ve been to before on my previous trips to Germany, and found it accurate. It would have been nice to have some of the additional historical and background information available to me during my visits, and suspect it would have been a much richer experience. All testing was done in the USA using an iPhone 4S. The interface was user friendly relatively easy to figure out.

Who it’s for

With its huge database of information on Christmas markets, maps, train schedules and app-only specials, this tool is for anyone exploring Germany during the Christmas season. Whether you’re on a river cruise, land tour, or exploring independently, this mighty application packs a load of useful information to make the journey go smoothly.

How much it costs

This application is free.

Where to learn more
German National Tourist Board Christmas official site
Link to apple store for app
Link to Google store for Android