A friend finishes his run on “The Beast” in Puerto Rico. // (c) GTH & S. Nathan dePetris

Puerto Rico is one of my top choices for a vagaytion. This tropical island has been welcoming the  gay community to its’ pristine shores for years and continues to stand as a beacon of inclusion and diversity in the sometimes less than friendly Caribbean.

The capitol, San Juan, has all of the amenities that anyone could need for a weekend or weeklong stay.  The people are beautiful, the beaches sandy, the shopping divine, the cuisine mouth watering, the rum strong and the night life “muy caliente”.

In a full body harness waiting for her turn to run “The Beast”.//(c) GTH & S. Nathan DePetris

After you’ve recovered from the hangover and cleaned the sand from your Speedo’s you may just  want to visit the countryside and experience a different side of the island. Enter Toro Verde, an  adventure park located in the Orocovis, that offers the run of the mill excursion such as rock climbing, hiking and traditional zip-lining.

While those feats can definitely get your heart pumping, visitors wander 90 minutes out of San Juan for one thing: “La Bestia”, The Beast.  Toro Verde happily straps thrill seekers into a full-body harness that allows you to zip along one of the world’s longest single run lines, hitting speeds of up to 60 MPH,  along almost 5000 feet of line, all the while laying on your tummy.

Racing down the lines at “The Beast” Puerto Rico. //(c) GTH & S. Nathan DePetris

This is the closest you will ever get to being Superman.

If You Go:



A sign warns you of the extreme nature of “The Beast”.//(c) GTH & S. Nathan DePetris