This is our list for the worst offenders: the absolute bottom, worst of the worst places and things we’ve encountered. We are quite forgiving. so to be listed here means a large ‘fail’. In a perfect word, this list would be empty.

–Last updated 25 November, 2012

This hotel is one of oldest in Vegas and it shows in its outdated mentality where the guest is made to feel that good service is a privilege to be earned, rather than expected. Employees are stripped of personal empowerment and poorly trained. While the hotel does not claim to be anything other than a budget 3 star, the apathy and utter lack of concern shown by its employees to any guest requests drag this hotel down to the lowest of the low.

This airline may be established, but it’s airport supervisor left much to be desired when she lieterally refused to issue a refund because “the airplanes are full so we’re out of cash.” When confronted on the logical fallacy, she complained vehemently to her colleague nearby about “estos Frutos fuertes”. It’s no wonder that one of the world’s oldest airlines had to cease operations.

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