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Exploring our world through gay eyes


Our top travel experiences of all time. From exceptional travel destinations and unique spots to the absolute best in service, these experiences or products encapsulate the top of the top.

–Last updated 12 November, 2012

The Turkish Airlines CIP Lounge in Istanbul stands out as one of the best lounges on the globe. With over 11,000 square feet to stretch out and relax, the CIP lounges offers a kaleidoscope of food and beverage stations, quiet areas, separate children’s area, showers and sleeping compartments.

The International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association, IGLTA, has become the one-stop shop for travelers and businesses to go to when looking for anything involving the words ‘Gay’ and ‘Travel’; IGLTA’s members have made a commitment to sell their products and services to our community globally. Enhanced online features allow you to find everything from that perfect gay affirming destination for your wedding, to the best travel agent in town.

An independent hotel in Victoria B.C. that tops my list. Aside from enjoying splendid accommodations and food onsite, guests are treated to genuine warmth and hospitality that is seldom seen anymore except in the most elite of hotels worldwide.

Disclaimer: Like everything on this site, the views expressed here are our own. So, if you don’t like them, well, you’re entitled to your own. It’s also important to note that, like most really impactful or memorable things, these ‘Tops’ are singular experiences (unless noted otherwise) and may or may not be representative of most experiences by others.