Passion fruit take on the classic Pisco Sour, topped by a coca leaf. // (c) 2012 GTH & S. Nathan DePetris

Drop that traditional Pisco Sour boys and girls, it was your daddy’s drink. Following in the footsteps of all the great libations in history, this national beverage of Peru is undergoing a revolution. Forget the tang of lemon, the newest flavors coming out of the hippest spots in Lima and Cusco reflect the broader spectrum of fruits offered. From the ever present lucuma to the more mundane passion fruit or mango, these concoctions will make your taste buds tingle.

The quirky and colorful ambiance at Saqra Restaurant in Lima, Peru. // (c) 2012 GTH & S. Nathan DePetris

Those suffering from altitude sickness at eleven thousand feet at Cusco stay away from the alcohol, but if you’re up for a night out on the town, make sure to check out the Coca Sour. Made with coca liqueur and garnished with one of the highly respected leaves from this much maligned plant, this is a thirst quencher that will really keep you going. And it even tastes great!

Traditional Andean cuisine: Anticuchos (beef hearts) and the flourescent yellow Inka Cola. // (c) 2012 GTH & S. Nathan DePetris.

If heights aren’t your thing and you prefer the more down to earth Lima, make sure to check out one of my new favorite spots in the Miraflores neighborhood: Saqra. This gastronomy lounge is a gay friendly cafe and bar that serves some of the best local-deelish cuisine in the area and offers up a mean passion fruit sour.

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